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estudio-imgWHO WE ARE

With more than 30 years of experience and working from the city of Murcia (Spain), Albaladejo Architecture presents itself as an architectural office that focus on having a close and direct contact with the client in the development design process.

In the studio, different specialists in the construction area will provide an optimum service in order to get the greatest result for every individual requirement.

We talk english, spanish,french and chinese%e4%b8%ad%e6%96%87francaisespanolenglish



Our aim is to get quality in the different spaces we design, so the person who inhabit that place can feel a convenient comfort and a special protection. From the great beginning we will look for the modernity in the design, balanced with functional spatial distributions. The result will be the creation of a long and good habitability.

For the development of every project, we are fully aware of the different requirements of the client, so we design solving the necessities of the proposal, looking for the best possible solution.

We are specialized in edification and rehabilitation projects, that we become truth from the technic point of view, in presence of the economic and enviromental compromise.



Spanish National Award of fleeted architecture                                             04/2015

Enviromental Award  to the best efficient Chiringuito                                08/2015